Natural Light has always been a huge part of my photography process. The way it shapes a subject, how it can transform an image - to me, it's been an integral part of my photography journey. i've been looking for more ways to bring people in on my process and I'm so excited to offer a boutique, hands on experience for anyone looking to learn and take their craft to the next level.

Come join me on a 2 day in-person workshop in Los Angeles. This will be a thorough break down of my photography process utilizing natural light. How to shoot it, how to emulate it, and most importantly how to get results you are excited about and can use in your own work.

This two day workshop will consist of the ins and outs of my photography process. I've always wanted to share this process in a more tactile way, and i do believe this is the best way to do so.
Most importantly in this small, 15 person workshop you’ll have access to multiple professional models, beautiful locations, and be able to utilize lighting and camera equipment to create your own portfolio work that you can use on your website, instagram, etc.

Schedule :

Day 1 : 
On Location Shoot at a Beautiful Home in Los Angeles with Talent. This will be mainly focused on lifestyle photography, with a beautiful indoor and outdoor backdrop to work with. There will be 2 talent on this particular day, so we can break into small groups and everyone has ample time to really shoot and get images they are excited about. The goal is for me to be able to share my process of working with talent, all while giving you a hands on approach and allowing the creative juices to flow.

Shooting blocks will be based on morning and afternoon light, allowing us to have time during the day to sit down, walk through the process in depth and start to understand the ins and outs of working with natural light. Also during the day will have a catered lunch, and a breakdown of the equipment and tools Sam uses to get the results he’s known for.

Day 2 : 
On Location Shoot in Malibu, CA - a place where i've really honed my photography style. 3 hour portrait and lifestyle shoot with multiple talent at a beautiful beach and nearby coves. The goal of this morning of shooting in tandem with the first day is to give you ample opportunities to shoot along side me, and get a glimpse into how i work with natural light in nature vs. in a studio or indoor space. Natural environments are a huge part of my workflow and i want to make sure we can highlight this during the weekend.

Once the shoot is complete, we will then head back to the studio and set up shop for the afternoon and evening. I want to take this time to walk you all through editing the images we shot over the last 2 days. Culling, picking selects, importing into lightroom and building a look and feel to your images is a very important part of my process that i want to highlight. The goal is to have you walk away with edited selects that you can share on your social channels, website, etc that feel cohesive and elevated. Once the Editing and post processing workflow is done, there will be a round table discussion with a few of my friends, both creatives and industry leaders about running a creative business, and what it means to be a creative in 2024. Catered Dinner + Drinks to wrap up the evening.

All in all, my goal for this weekend is for you to walk away with tangible advice, elevated imagery, and most importantly some new friends along the way to learn and grow together. I’ve always wanted to be able to offer something like this, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Further details and location will be provided later this month. 15 spots total.


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Samuel Elkins

Natural Light Workshop / Los Angeles August 3-4

Natural Light Workshop / Los Angeles August 3-4

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  • Can I Split Payment?

    Yes. We have a 50% deposit option - the rest of the deposit will be debited from you a month before the workshop starts.

  • Is Travel Included?

    For Those of you traveling to LA for this workshop, travel will not be included on this go around. Please make your own travel arrangements accordingly. Rental car is strongly encouraged.

  • What Skill Level Do I need to be?

    All skill levels are welcomed, although the weekend is definitely catered to intermediate creatives and current professionals looking to level up their work.

  • How long will the days be?

    You can expect each day to be at least 8 hours of active shooting, learning and discussion. There will also be ample opportunity afterwards and beforehand to get to know each other and connect.

  • Do I need to bring my own equipment?

    Yes. No Individual cameras will be given out. There will be several communal medium format cameras to test and learn with, as well as a minimal lighting package. Laptop will also be required as well to be able to edit, and pull selects.

  • Anything Else?

    I'm really looking to build a beautiful, creative weekend. All I ask is you come prepared to learn, connect and have a positive attitude throughout! Can't wait to be able to connect with everyone.